eBase is a cloud-based environmental impact identification and assessment platform.

eBase follows the logic and thread of EIA and will guide you through the process at a fraction of the time and cost.

Provide the context

Select Activities being undertaken in the project and then choose corresponding Aspects, and provide Technical Inputs.

Select Receptors present at the location of the project.

Assess Impacts

Based on the aspects of the activities, and the receptors at the location, eBase will provide a list of the potential impacts and how these could result.

Select Controls

Based on the activities and possible impacts, choose from a list of control measures to minimise impacts and risks.

Manage the risk

Assign risk rankings to impacts on receptors by using our consequences and likelihood matrix.

eBase has 3 core functions


Store and reuse EIA data

Use eBase as a structured platform to store commonly used EIA data including activity and receptor descriptions, impact summaries, controls and performance standards.

Data managers can upload and maintain data from anywhere in the world.

Edit rich text, add images and links and build relationships between data objects.


Complete environmental impact identification and assessment at a fraction of the time and cost

Use eBase as a tool to allow a user to step through the process of an EIA to perform rapid impact assessment and document generation, leveraging off the structured database and the work done before.


Maintain the workflow or thread of an EIA

Use eBase to ensure that the workflow or thread of an EIA, from activity through to impacts and controls, is maintained to produce a robust and thorough assessment of all impacts and risks.

Thread of an EIA

eBase is brought to you by Green Light Environmental

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Green Light Environmental was established to provide the resource industry with environmental support and advice, and to assist in the development of practical solutions to facilitate sustainable development.

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